OpenTX 2.3.9 freigegeben


Herunterladen könnt ihr den Companion wie immer von der OpenTX Homepage. Hier eine kurze Zusammenfassung der Änderungen:


Colorlcd radios

  • Fix missing 0 in date format
  • In mixer screen, display output name in bottom bar if available
  • Text viewer is now displaying one more line
  • Fix 2x1 layout that was allowing two widgets in the same location
  • Fix issue in model selector when some bitmaps were missing in SD card
  • Add ES and PT special characters
  • Battery icon has been reviewed and support charge icon on relevant radios
  • Gauge widget text vertical centering improved
  • Fix an issue where change UID were not displayed until ENTER was pushed
  • Model selection now selects the current category/model on entering
  • Secure display buffer access from lua (fixes crashes from yaapu telemetry)

B&W radios

  • Fix an issue on 128x64 when exiting Gvar menu
  • Fix an issue on 128x64 where it was possible to get Edit on logical switch page index
  • Fix several 9XR Pro issues (navigation, extra module,..)
  • Fix switching between channel and mixer monitor on XLite


  • RAS now displayed for the right module
  • OTA Firmware update fixes on Horus
  • Add X7 Access simu to Mac companion
  • Add VFR
  • Powers now displayed in mW rather than dB


  • Support for alphabetical protocol ordering
  • Support for FrSky 2.1 ACCST protocols
  • Support for TX clone mode
  • Support for HoTT telemetry
  • Add multi channel naming utility to tools


  • Add units definition to LUA (UNIT_VOLTS,...) for B&W radios
  • Use the right precision for unknown sensor
  • Add table library to colorlcd radios
  • Fix BattCheck taking too much CPU
  • Add EVT_EXIT_BREAK to colorlcd radios
  • Add serialRead function


  • Fix an issue where sensors would be affected by import into Companion
  • Fix an issue where telemetry simulator would not work on sensors discovered on radio itself
  • Add option to prompt for profile on opening (Thx elecpower)
  • Add option for current user/all user install (Thx pre-martin)
  • Improvement in copy/paste/move feature (Thx elecpower)
  • Allow alphanumerical ownerID
  • Add ml/min unit support
  • Fix Cels unit
  • Fix custom failsafe display when 2 modules are enabled in custom mode
  • Fix missing Haptic settings for some radios
  • Add version for Add/remove programs on Windows


  • Fix issue where switch/flightmode wav play could be broken with long model/flightmode name
  • Jumper T12: fix DMA conflict between SD and internal module
  • Jumper T12: fix an issue with curve edition in mixer screen
  • Jumper T12 Pro: allow multi trainer
  • Fixes in Spanish, Italian, French and Japaneese languages (thx translators !)
  • Fixes issue on curve edit when using the rotary encoder too quickly
  • INTERNAL_MODULE_PPM option has been fixed, and removed from Companion
  • Fix overflow on flight mode change with large mixer weights
  • Fix flight mode wavs not playing when the mode name was too long
  • Increase Bluetooth buffer length for fast telemetry (fixes crash with 400k crossfire telemetry mirror)
Das erste update für BF 4.3 ist da. Es sieht aus als wäre es vorallem für Ghost-Benutzer wichtig.
Nach langer Wartezeit ist es endlich soweit! Das lang ersehnte Betaflight 4.3.0 wurde soeben veröffentlicht.
OpenTX hat ein neues Bugfix-Release veröffentlicht. Inhalt dieses minor Release sind diverse Bugfixes.